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Care of washed linen, washed cotton and cotton velvet

Here are our little tips for maintaining your household linen depending on the fabric.

Washed linen and cotton gauze:

When you want to wash washed linen bed linen (linen duvet cover, sheets, pillowcases etc..), you can machine wash up to 60 degrees. You can go that high because washed linen is raw linen stretched in special machines or with lava stones.

Linen becomes very supple and pre-shrunk. The fact that linen is washed means it will no longer be able to shrink (unlike raw linen), it will, on the contrary, tend to expand a little at the beginning.

The care of your bed linen in gcotton aze will be the same as washed linen:

For the Dili range of the Harmony brand

For example, don't worry if your washed linen or washed cotton duvet cover becomes a little larger than your comforter. All materials move a little in one direction or another and in this case the washed materials move, expanding slightly (a few centimeters at most).

The advantage of having washed linen or washed cotton duvets is that they become softer and softer over time and the colors fade.

If you have a dryer, you can use it, otherwise you can let them air dry. By spreading them well, there is no need to iron them. The slightly wrinkled appearance gives this little bohemian chic side.

As for a washed linen curtain such as the curtains of the brand "Epic, Dune" or the curtains Porticcioof the brand Haomy, You should wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees with a gentle spin because you have eyelets on these two models. They must not rust or tear from the curtain.

For the Luri model, you just have to remove the rings/clips, and you can wash them up to 60 degrees (first wash cold so that the black croquet does not bleed) since There are no eyelets on this washed linen curtain.

So everything related to washed linen: linen quilt, linen set, linen cushion, linen tablecloth... you can follow the advice in the paragraphs above.

Cotton velvet:

Regarding cotton velvet (we do not sell polyester velvet), we recommend that for any item: velvet cushion, velvet quilt, velvet curtain, etc., wash in cold water or by hand or by machine.

Cotton velvet, on the other hand, should not stretch or shrink because the velvet is made of hair.

Example of the velvet range: new Dehli from the brand Haomy, Médicis from the brand En fil d'Allemande , Elise from the Vivaraise brand.

We have recently offered the brand's Duo curtain in Indian thread, velvet and linen.

If you have any doubts or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.