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Harmony of cushion and duvet colors (Songe by Epic range)

The Songe velvet range from the “EPIC” brand is a very pretty collection of cushions, bed ends (eiderdown) and curtains.

In this article, we will only talk about velvet cushions (40x55 cm cushion and 45x45 cm cushion) and velvet quilts (90x200 cm) .

EPIC is a new brand which only offers linen and velvet.

It is a 100% cotton velvet, thick and very well combed.

The Songe velvet collection currently consists of seven identical solid colors in the baths between the comforters and the cushions. If you want to match tone on tone, there will be almost no difference in bathing.

Example: the Orange Songe cushion will be the same tone as the Songe throw/end of bed or Orange curtain.

Let's describe seven colors of velvet:

  • Beige or stone gray. On cotton velvet, the Beige color always gives a stone gray bath, which is why it is specified on the site. This color is magnificent, if you want to stay in a neutral, clear and refined decoration.
  • Anthracite gray is beautiful if you want to darken a room or contrast other colors in your room.
  • Céladon only has a green bath (no blue in it). This color is soft to match with lots of color.
  • Tobacco is a very fashionable color at the moment which blends perfectly into natural-colored decor through beige to brown.
  • Poudre (pink) is a soft pink like Celadon is for green. These are two colors that are easy to combine.
  • Lemon is a particular but very beautiful color. The bath is perfect, there is not too much green in this yellow. There is just enough of a tip to prevent the yellow from being bland.
  • Orange is magnificent. It’s a deep orange that has a lot of presence for fans of this color. When you want to add a touch of color to a room, this one is perfect.

The 90x200 cm size of the velvet duvet will fit perfectly on a sofa or on any width of bed. From 140x200cm to 200x200cm.

Here is a small example of an association (among many others) of colors that you could make:

With the Céladon quilt, you could combine a small Powder and Orange velvet cushion in the size 45x45cm with an additional small Céladon cushion 40x55 cm to recall the color of the end of the bed and to mix the shapes.




Never hesitate to mix the shapes and sizes of cushions together.

The square cushion and the rectangular one mix perfectly.

Beyond these seven very beautiful colors of these velvets. Both the cushion and the comforter have a very subtle little finish around them.

The velvet cushion and the velvet comforter have a little beige cotton stitching to very soberly bring out the color of the velvet. This little border is discreet and makes the difference when looking at the cushions or the ends of the bed.

Don’t hesitate for a second to immerse yourself in this new “EPIC” brand for future small or large decoration projects in your home.