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Ideas for dressing your table

Having a pretty table to entertain friends or family has become essential. It's still more pleasant to dine on a beautiful tablecloth, I could even say that it whets the appetite.

Our moods, when decorating our table, obviously change depending on the season.

And honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than laying out a beautiful linen tablecloth to welcome your friends or family. Here are some examples of tablecloth choices by season or according to your tastes.

For a beautiful spring table:

Why not a Harmony Céladon washed linen tablecloth! The Celadon color, a kind of very light and soft pastel green, is really great for spring. For example, you put small linen napkinsPoudre on the linen tablecloth next to your white plates. The Celadon and Powder blend is soft and chic. Mixing two Pastel colors, even radically opposed ones, remains in the era of time. If you want to go a little less conventional, you can also add linen placemats to our Céladon linen tablecloth. As a third color, we could combine with our Powder pink and our Celadon green, the Natural color. To summarize, a beautiful spring table could look like: a Celadon linen tablecloth, white plates, powdered linen napkins, and natural linen placemats.

For a beautiful summer table:

A beautiful Nude Harmony linen tablecloth. This new Nude color is a mix of peach and very light coral. This would give us a fresh, soft table with southern colors. With this Nude washed linen tablecloth, I will go with summery tones upon tones. For example, we combined this tablecloth with Tomette Harmony linen napkins. We would be in the same tone but darker. And if you want to add more to your tablecloth, you could add Harmony Pêche linen sets. For the plates, white would be great so as not to darken your pretty tablecloth.

Nappe en lin

For a beautiful fall table:

Autumn is coming, we want to make a beautiful table in warmer colors. The new Bronze color would be perfect for this season. A beautiful Létia Bronze linen tablecloth with black edging would be a feast for our eyes. A sort of brown with a tiny hint of yellow. The Bronze color is a good choice for its decor. I will put the napkins with the tone below Bronze, Fawn. Let's stay in the Létia collection for linen napkins. We can add to our Bronze tablecloth and Fauve napkins, Luri sets in Charcoal linen (very dark brown). With colors in brown tones like the three just mentioned, opt for off-white or ecru plates.

sets en lin

To finish, I would say that using washed linen to have a beautiful table is not only beautiful and refined but above all super easy to maintain! Harmony washed linen can be washed at up to 60 degrees because the linen is pre-shrunk and what's more, with a medium spin, you never iron your linen!

For the winter table, I will make a special “Winter and Christmas table” item to be sure to hit the mark with his family!