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Monkey Harmony velvet cushion

Harmony has just launched its Monkey range of velvet cushions, bed ends and curtains. The Monkey is a velvet cushion that is really very trendy, colorful and busy. Home Beddings & Curtains can ship you just the velvet cushion cover, without the filling. You can also obviously have the garnish. Same configuration for the Monkey velvet bed ends, they are removable on the side with a zipper. You can therefore also order the end of the bed with or without the comforter from Home Beddings and Curtains.

There are 2 sizes of Monkey cushion: square velvet cushion 45X45 cm and rectangular velvet cushion 40X60.

The dimensions of the Monkey velvet bed end are 85X200 cm.

Monkey velvet curtains measure 140X280 cm.

The Monkey velvet cushion can go with many different atmospheres. The Monkey would bring added value to a plain sofa or bed, for example.

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We could very well put a bronze Harmony Monkey velvet cushion on a beige sofa upholstered in camel, mustard yellow, fawn color. We would be in a shades of yellow-brown in keeping with the times! On this same sofa, any of the 2 other colors of Monkey velvet cushions would also go very well in this yellow-brown atmosphere:

- For those who are more cautious, you can use the Monkey Harmony Granite velvet cushion, simple and effective. The Harmony Monkey Granit velvet cushion would provide contrast and bring out the warm colors of the yellow, beige and brown of the sofa.

- For the most crazy, you will put the Monkey Harmony Prussian Blue velvet cushion, ultra modern. The Harmony cushion in Prussian Blue velvet would provide a break between the warm color of the sofa and the cool color of Prussian Blue (a sort of duck blue).

- For the more refined, you will opt for the Monkey Harmony cushion in Bronze velvet. This would give a shade from beige (the lightest) to bronze (the darkest).

As far as maintenance is concerned, nothing could be simpler. The cover of the Monkey velvet cushion is removable on the side with a zipper. The Monkey duvet cover is also removable to easily wash the product. You can wash the Monkey velvet cover at 30 degrees with a gentle spin cycle so as not to damage the print.