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White bed linen

Sleeping in white has several advantages. Let’s first talk about decor, an all-white washed linen bed will brighten up your room. Especially the white of washed linen bed linen from Harmony which is a totally white bath.

This will bring additional light into the room. With such a white bath set, the color of your bedroom walls can be any color except an off-white or ecru color.

An all-white set really has visual interest when the material is linen. Whether it's the duvet cover, the fitted sheet or the pillowcases, it will be much prettier with the appearance of washed linen if you opt for White. Linen has this relief with this small visible weft of the fabric. In addition, the slightly wrinkled appearance of linen gives a very modern look (those who don't like ironing will be delighted).

linge de lit en lin

Last very important thing, when you dress your bed all in white linen, you will feel better when sleeping. White is, for example, highly recommended for insomniacs.And for nights when you are very hot, linen will have this thermoregulation property so you sweat less than in cotton clothing.

Don't hesitate to wash it up to 60 degrees because the warmer the linen fiber, the more supple and pleasant it will be.